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About The Royal Highland Guard


An ancient order from the time of the Empire of Arathor in the reign of King Thoradin Trollbane, the Royal Highland Guard was established to patrol the highlands between the Kingdom of Strom and the lands of the High Elves and the Dwarves.

Formed of volunteers from the royal guards of these three lands, this band of allied knights served to protect all of good kind who traveled the mountain trade routes and passages between their homelands.  With the scattering of the old elven kingdom and the decline of Arathor, the order did not disband. Instead they chose to recruit the good of heart from all martial clans of the region and remain faithful to their oath to “Guard Well” the high passes of their former realms for generations.  With the rise of the Kingdoms of Azoroth, The Guard, found a new liege.

As a guild of mountain warriors from all corners of the world the Guard is dedicated to the service of the Alliance.  Known for their ability to mass in overwhelming number to defend a member of their order, today the Royal Highland Guard continues to safeguard the highlands and narrow passes throughout the land.  Ever vigilant.  Garde Bien.

About Us

The Royal Highland Guard is a member-oriented WoW guild that is dedicated to improving the game experience for all guild members by providing a positive social environment for building camaraderie and friendships through questing, battleground, arena, dungeon and raid activities, the sharing of knowledge and mutual mentoring.  While we endeavor to maximize member participation in group activities, it is not a requirement for good standing within the guild.


We are always interested in new members!  For the King’s shilling all new recruits receive a modest stipend for equipment repairs, Guild Bank permissions and Ventrilio access to the Guards virtual tavern, the Hungry Boar.  If you are good of heart and want to wear the tabard with the Highland Cross all you need to do is read and agree to abide by our pledge. Apply for membership through the link on the upper left of this page. 

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Guild Raiding Starting Soon

by Gleg, 3 days ago

Knights of the Royal Highland Guard!

Since we moved Guild Night to Sundays we have seen increased participation in group events for two straight weeks. We completed the Glory of the Pandaria Raider Guild Run and unlocked the Thundering Jade Cloud Serpent with the Guild Vendor.  In addition, we are now running some mythic keystone dungeons with a full compliment of guild members!  These are great achievements for us and excellent news for those who are interested in the prospect of guild raiding at normal and above.

So to keep the momentum going, Cyriastia of Terenas, has volunteered to help us build a committed raid group. To that end, anyone interested in getting in on this action should reach out to Cyriastia and let there desires be known. Once a team is formed we can start knocking down a few Legion Guild Raid Achievements and maybe even graduate to a regular hosting of our own Pre-Made to get better loot, recruit and/or assist Guild members coming off of LFR in gearing.

As for those who are not yet at max level, take heart as you also can join us on Guild Night and run a group dungeon or raid suitable for your level.  Note that the Time Walking events are a great way to get together across the Guild.  Not to mention the gold that is earned for the Guild bank to pay for repairs across the team. Depending on the dungeon suite for the active Time Walking event, minimum character levels can range from 71 to to 91 to join in.  Anyone higher will scale down appropriately. 

In final, regardless of your level if you want to do something in a group, join us on Guild Night on Sundays and let us know your interests.

Garde Bein,


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